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Cultural Sensitivity

We will help your business adjust to the culturally diverse workforce of today.

Experienced, qualified consultants and trainer designed programs for:


  • Clearer communication

  • Global Employee Travel

  • Reduced workplace stress

  • Better personnel deployment

  • Improved productivity

  • Resolution of conflict

  • Avoidance of liability and litigation










Translation, Interpretation and Voiceovers
  • All Major Languages

  • Legal, Medical, Technical, Insurance, Business or Personal

  • ATA Accredited LA Superior Court and CA State Certified

  • Rapid Response Time


Special Programs

  • Travellers Courses

  • Conversation Clubs

  • Study Away Weekends

  • Business Specific

  • BCC Test Prep


Other Services

  • Dubbing

  • Voiceovers

  • Tutoring

  • Cross-Cultural Training

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